Reel Water Film Festival

Reel Water Film Festival

Our mission is to use film and conversation to educate our community about local and global water issues, and then donate at least half of the funds that we raise to international water projects and community education

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Event Details

The festival is a nonprofit one-day event that takes place annually in Bethesda, Maryland, just outside of Washington DC. The 3rd Annual Reel Water Film Festival was on Saturday, June 14, 2014. Read more »


Filmmakers may submit their short films for free with just two requirements: films should be under 25 minutes and they must include an element of water in them.


The day of the festival starts in the early afternoon and provides many different ways for people to get involved.

Afternoon Splash

During the afternoon, we showcase the best of the short films that we received and integrate discussions and Q&A's between filmmakers and our audience. We aim to take our audience on a journey, exploring the various ways that we interact with water. Subjects have a broad range from extreme water sports to the more serious issues surrounding our global water situation.

Dinner and a Movie

In the evening, we host a Dinner and a Movie, where we show a feature film that has been chosen by our festival team. Past years have included Watershed, which was Executive Produced and Narrated by Robert Redford, Chasing Ice, featuring the acclaimed environmental photographer, James Balog, and DamNation, produced by Patagonia.

Reel Water: Real Impact

After the festival, we donate at least 50% of our proceeds to water projects in developing countries and to community education. The rest of the money stays within the festival to continue on for years to come.

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